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Unleash the flavour revolution with our chai masala!

Authentic Chai Tea Masala

Chai Up shares an authentic Indian family recipe of Masala Chai that is dairy-free and sugar-free to spread the feeling of comfort, great taste, and all its benefits worldwide!

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Boost Immunity

Aid In Digestion

Increase Energy


Reduce Inflammation


Chai Up’s founders have created a way to share the cozy, nostalgic, and homey feeling masala chai has provided their family for generations.

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Why You Should Try Chai Up’s Masala Chai Powder Mix

Commitment to Sustainability

Chai Up is dedicated to protecting the environment by using sustainable and recyclable packaging to reduce waste.

We Offer Fast Shipping

Just as instantly as you can make chai tea, your orders from Chai Up will be shipped out as fast as possible.

Available Worldwide

Wherever you are in the world, Chai Up aims to bring authentic Indian Masala Chai to homes globally. 

Frequent Asked Questions

We are currently 100% online and you can purchase Chai Up products directly from our website. We will keep you all updated whenever we have pop ups and when we eventually make it in-store!

Chai Up Masala chai is 100% vegetarian. No animals were harmed in the making of our products!

Chai Up believes in sustainability and less plastic waste so all our packaging is made with eco-friendly materials that are 100% biodegradable.

The Chai Up Masala chai mix is 100% free of dairy/milk products and sugar! Adding in milk products is entirely up to the consumers’ taste and preference.

We offer the highest quality and standard of products using only all-natural ingredients.

Each cup of our Chai Up Masala chai tea has approximately 25 to 50 mg of caffeine depending on how much powder mix you add in water.

Each regular pack of Chai Up Masala chai can make up to 10-15 cups depending on how much powder you mix in with 200 ml of hot water!

The official expiration date varies, but to ensure freshness, once your chai mix is no longer fragrant and fresh, it’s best to no longer use it.

Store your Chai Up Masala chai tea mix in a cool dry place! Make sure your storage area isn’t damp or prone to humidity to ensure the quality and freshness of tea mix. We also recommend to keep it in its packaging and make sure to seal it well after use or you can transfer the mix to an airtight container.