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Unleash the flavour revolution with our chai masala!

About Us

Masala Chai Tea was founded in India around 5,000 years ago. According to legend, a King combined a number of herbs and spices to create a drink for medicinal purposes.

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Today, Chai Up shares the authentic Indian family recipe of masala chai to spread the feeling of comfort, great taste, and all its benefits worldwide.

A combination of 10 premium and all-natural ingredients are now easily accessible to anyone who wants a taste of one of the most popular tea combinations in the world instantly without losing out on quality.

Each pack of Chai Up’s masala chai tea contains the perfect combination of cloves, green cardamom seeds, basil, ajwan, cardamom, fennel seeds, ginger powder, cinnamon, oregano, and licorice plant.

All these ingredients entail just the right amount to create the perfect recipe which is why Chai Up has decided to do all the hard parts of the brewing process so all you need to do is mix and enjoy!

Our History

Chai Up’s founders have created a way to share the cozy, nostalgic, and homey feeling masala chai has provided their family for generations. Throughout the years, masala chai has garnered popularity and its taste has evolved as well. Chai Up will bring traditional ways of tea drinking into homes all over the world and introduce the authentic flavor of masala chai. 

The brewing process of masala chai tea requires the perfect balance of spices but with Chai Up, that process is cut down with our special powder blend. Masala chai tea is deeply ingrained in Indian culture as a sign of hospitality and is the perfect way to spend quality time with family, friends, or even just yourself.

Chai Up essentially has opened its doors and is inviting everyone to get a taste of authentic masala chai flavors, as well as their family values, one tea cup at a time.


We shall be the leading chai masala tea blend product in the market and promise our customers only the highest quality of ingredients. Chai Up’s passion will not only translate to our products but also to our engagement and dedication to people they serve.


To be the leading provider of authentic masala chai tea powder mix across Canada and eventually across the world offering the highest quality ingredients and a consistent recipe.